How should I store my firewood?

Logs should ideally be stored in a weather proof, dry, ventilated area, whether that be a log store, a garage or shed. Ensure the floor beneath the logs is kept dry and well aerated to get the best burn from your logs and keep them in the best condition!

Do you deliver to my area?

We offer FREE delivery within a 15-mile radius of Easingwold, within 15-20 miles of Easingwold delivery is charged at £10, and within 20-25 miles of Easingwold delivery is charged at £15. For details of the areas covered view our delivery map here. If you have any queries about delivery charges to your area please get in touch on 07967 301368 or 01347 823645

How long can you keep firewood for?

If you keep your logs in a well ventilated, dry storage space they should last for years!

How long are your logs?

The standard length of logs is approximately 8¼” long but we will cut loads to order.

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Are your logs right for me?

Our logs are suitable for 90% of all wood burners and open fires, if you are still unsure please get in touch!

Delivery within a 25-mile radius of Easingwold, North Yorkshire, 7 days a week.

We will deliver as close to the point of delivery as our vehicles allow.